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Am I the Only One?

What is happening? My heart feels under pressure, as if it will break. I feel the creases of my furrowed brow intensifying. Today's sound bites on the local radio caught me by surprise. You see, as an empath I have learned how to allow Global news in as if controlling the flow of water in a lock system. Open a gate, let just enough flow through to keep me informed, without capsizing my soul. When you walk this Earth feeling everything so intensely, it is a necessity to manage the inflow of news. And here is part of my struggle. What can I believe? Is there a station or an outlet that provides pure truth anymore? It doesn't feel like it to me. It seems that each soundbite has been designed for a narrative. I feel like an outsider. I don't buy into this stuff. I don't go along with what they are reporting. None of it makes any sense to me. If this was a Video Blog I would be shouting, the veins of my neck pushing out and my face turning red!

This world is so fragile. We are part of a Lego landscape and our "leaders" hurl their missiles and bombs, willy-nilly, to sooth some part of their "logic" equation. "If A, then B. If we show them how powerful and deadly our bombs are then they will think twice before they hurl one back at us." That is almost verbatim what I heard on the radio today regarding the US dropping bombs in Syria. In other sound bites I heard Washington law makers speaking about those who are dying as if they had it coming to them. I mean, WHAT? When did it become okay to speak about the dead in such a cold and dismissive way? I suppose it has been this way for a long time. Perhaps it is the inner workings of a woman, a healer, arriving at a place in my life where it just matters so much. And I am not hearing any words about working this out, coming to the table to talk, moving toward Peace in the land. There is so much darkness that I feel sick to my stomach being a witness to the vile evil and hate!

Listen, I do not want to debate, in fact, this is way outside my normal offering to social media or cultural commentary. I just had to add air to my thoughts because I feel like I am going crazy. None of this makes any sense! Ukraine, Russia, China, Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Syria, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, The US. I might as well take it another step further and add to the cast of characters the fact that Billions of dollars continue moving from our country to others without asking me, my family or my friends what we think about it. Do our "leaders" not see the homeless on the streets of our cities? Do they not read the sad news about people who unwittingly become victims of Fentanyl? Or what about the killings, the car jackings, and other violence. Cities and towns that once thrived now lay in ruins, buildings crumbling or caught on fire. I don't have to look too far to see apocalyptic scenes close to my home. 

At Tanglewood - a company I founded in 2017 - my vision is Peace on Earth! Seriously, look at my landing page. Peace on Earth! When I present in a private session or in larger group events, it is inevitable that I will receive the question...."How am I supposed to have feelings of Peace when there are so many horrifying things happening in the World?" And so, as that is the question I receive over and over again, I will answer it here and now. And as I answer, I will be speaking to myself just as I will be speaking to those for whom I care. 

Scan your body and your mind looking for your worry, your fear, your anger and determine what it is you can do in this moment to make a difference. Once you arrive with your answer, do it, whatever it is you can do. Maybe it is making a call, writing an email, asking for appointments in your state governmental seat. Maybe you take yourself to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to meet with national level law makers. Perhaps you feel more comfortable helping in your own town in hopes of impacting your fellow citizens who are hurting and need support. Find the thing you can do and do it as soon as you can. Then, when you have exhausted those things you can do, turn inward and find the quiet, still place that resides within. Tap into the Peace you carry with you at all times. 

Finally, if you are a spiritual person, pray and pray often, and with all your heart asking that your higher power intervene and help those in harm's way. Ask also for guidance, to light your way on this path of Peace for yourself and others. In the moments of quiet, in between the unending noise that is all around us, is where you can return over and over again. "Be still and know that I am" and in that space, sacred and peaceful, I pray that you are comforted knowing that you, and that I, are doing our part to expand Peace in our community and beyond for the highest and the greatest good of all. And so, it is. Amen.

Thank you for listening.




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