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Julie - You are an amazing person! Your presentation today was so powerful and I could feel you touched many people! 

Renee Sherman

Pivot Physical Therapy - Maryland, USA

Julie - Everything you said to our caregivers they needed to hear. I cannot thank you enough for coming and relating genuinely and on such a personal level with everyone there.


Kathy Wehr

Howard County Office (MD) on Aging and Independence

Good morning Julie - It was great to see you yesterday. I enjoyed your presentation, it really resonated with me. I found myself shaking my head yes frequently. 

Jill Rosner RN,BSN,CCM

Certified Aging Life Care Manager

Maryland, USA

Julie—the love, support, kindness, knowledge that you poured into us is so appreciated. Your ability to shift energy into action and your ability to make self-care something attainable filled my cup—and everyone lucky enough to be present with us, too. I took away so much from our time together. Thank you for teaching us how to care for ourselves while caring for others. ❤️

Cole Smith

Brightview Senior Living

Maryland, USA

Thank you Julie 😊. We appreciated your teaching us so many great ways to be who we are meant to be!!

Best regards,

Mary Jane Overby

Carroll County (MD) Bureau of Aging & Disabilities

Julie- thank you for your wisdom all those years ago. You are one of the pivotal people along this journey, and opened my eyes to seeing very specific, core things differently. 

Stacey L.

Florida, USA

Our employees rated Julie’s lunch and learn on Mindfulness as one of the best we offered.  At the time we had about 4 lunch and learns a year of varying content.

Vicky B.

Maryland, USA

Julie was so down to earth and relatable. She made the workshop so enjoyable with easy to implement changes in my daily life to promote more positive thinking! I highly recommend attending her workshop or creating one at your workplace, or for your child's sports team, school...ANYWHERE as all people can really benefit!

Andrea E.

Maryland, USA

In working with Clarity through Contrast you asked me to start, I have made decisions for a new beginning in my life. I will only look forward. I am enrolling in classes for CDA and Expanded Functions and Spanish which I may need in the Sunshine State.  I have spoken to a builder in Florida and have plans to meet him on my Thanksgiving Trip.

I cannot express how grateful I am for you guiding me gently through this process. I am beginning to heal but most of all I realize I have been given a new life. God gave me a gift, the gift of life, and I shall be worthy in my future "do-over". May the light of the universe shine down on you daily. God bless you my friend.

Beth B.

Maryland, USA

Julie Peatt Cassaday on behalf of Glenwood Life Counseling Center I would like to thank you for donating your time to train the C.A.T. and P.C.M. Your spirit was uplifting and your words were encouraging. I'm very happy God connected us.

Tekeyia Fraling

Maryland, USA

Thank you so much for your inspirational  coaching sessions. I am able to quickly flip the switch!


I have gained insight into many valuable tools. I recommend your services without hesitation.  


Wishing you abundance and

Expecting abundance always,

Vickie B.

North Carolina, USA

Hello Julie, 


Wanted to let you know that after our coaching session, I had a terrific day!!

I even shared the to do list process with my sister as she was struggling a little with work overload.  Thank you once again and can't wait for our next session! 


Sending you high Vibrations, 


Absolutely, it is my honor to be coached by you. I thank your generosity....


Love and Peace.

Jackie T.

Maryland, USA

SOOOOOOO proud to say I know you! You are awesome and doing a wonderful job. This is confirmation that you're doing just what you were created to do!!

Sheree J.

Maryland, USA

I was very fortunate to work with Julie. She helped me to work through some major challenges I have been facing and suggested some excellent tools to help me moving forward. It was during our sessions that I  realized where I needed to focus, what was most important, and that there was only so much I had control of. I also knew l had to change my thought process in order to create a shift.  I'm thankful she was able to bring me to the forefront of what I needed to do, and ever since it has helped incredibly well! 

Sonna J.

Michigan, USA

Julie's uplifting and positive energy is the first thing I noticed about her at my recent training. When she started sharing her positive perspective, I felt even more connected. I do already tend to be a positive person and I put a positive spin on almost all situations. I had no idea that I was already practicing some of the laws of attraction, but Julie taught me that there was even more I could do. I have learned to reword things I say and write as well to make them more of a process I am in rather than something I have not yet achieved. The training also taught me to let go! There is only so much all of us can tackle on our own. I am now much more aware of what is really on my to do list and what will happen in time with the help of my more positive universe. Thank you Julie, for a fabulous training that can fit into my life daily and immediately!

Jen G.

Maryland, USA

I loved Julie's presentation. It gave definitive tools to use to move forward with a problem. sometimes just putting out a positive vibe is enough to move you forward. I've really tried to "let go" of items i can't move and focus on things i have the power to change.

Farica D.

Maryland, USA

I enjoyed your training very much and only complaint is that I wish we had more time. I am looking forward to Part 2. Thank you so much for giving to Glenwood.


David G. 

Maryland, USA

Mark of Love, Inc. welcomed Tanglewood Life Coaching today to share time and expertise with our kids! We had an amazing experience learning about the "Law of Attraction." (What you put out, comes back to you.) The 8th grade children enjoyed creating rocks with positive thoughts/sayings that they can carry with them and rub (or squeeze!! Lol) when they really want to act on negative thoughts!


Thanks Julie Peatt Cassaday for #LeavingYourMark on our kids!

Amy E.

Maryland, USA

I thoroughly enjoyed your Mindfullness Workshop.  I took the workshop  hoping to reduce negativity in my life.  I was excited to learn some new techniques to implement in my life that would help with this.  The workshop was empowering! Thank you so much.


Nancy V.

Maryland, USA

Julie is an incredible life coach who helps you reach your full mental capacity toward an abundant mindset and life!! She helped me realize how capable I am to overcome obstacles that were holding me back and helped me realize the mental strength I possessed to achieve my dream life. Through exercises, meditation, and focus, I am on the road to becoming the best version of myself and inspiring others to do the same. I will be forever grateful for Julie's wisdom and knowledge through law of attraction life coaching!! I highly recommend her one on one sessions. 

Kelly V.

North Carolina, USA

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