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As I spoke out loud to Dad, telling him about how much I appreciate nature set inside the City of Westminster, I decided to run in the grass around the pond. I reached a lane designated with two rows of cherry trees. I continued my monologue by saying how much I miss seeing him and connecting with a look or expression that reminded me he was still present under the thicket of Alzheimer’s. As I paused between thoughts I caught the sound of Geese. I paused my run to look up through the early morning fog to locate and observe the flock. I hoped I would catch them landing on the pond. But then, I caught a glimpse of just one. A single, solitary Goose emerged from the edge of the fog. Geese mostly travel in pairs, as part of a larger flock. The oddity of this solo flyer was stunning. I spoke again, “Hi Dad. Thank you for checking on me. I love you.” Then he was gone and the world went silent.

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