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EMERGING from the tangles of experience, truths realized and self-discovery, I feel myself breathing more deeply. No longer does the air coming into my body stop at the upper rib cage. I have learned that breathing should be deep and it should reach the depths of our organs - all needing oxygen. ALL needing oxygen.

When I embarked on the idea that I would become a Life Coach and I would reach out to those I thought would benefit from my service, I never imagined that within one month's time I would secure engagements with groups I never considered as part of my niche!

You see what I've learned as I invest my attention into the Law of Attraction, is that it works. I set up an intention, I feed it through meditation, through lists, through the work, to bring it into this physical existence. And then it shows up. I mean it. I have been tracking this idea since "The Secret". Back then I bought into it hook, line and sinker. And it worked, I suppose. But I don't think I ever felt sure.

But now - I am showing up at places like a Baltimore City Middle School with eighth grade students, at a Drug Recovery Clinic talking to peer counselors, and I am telling the Law of Attraction story and it is making a difference. And the "secret" is that it took just about zero effort to get these opportunities. Just a simple ask.

When I worked in SALES - it always felt hard to me. I loved, loved, loved to connect with clients, to listen to them and to provide them solutions that met them exactly where they were. I am still in contact with some of those clients from years ago. What I hated, resisted and felt angry about is that I had to - eventually - translate my solution into a dollar amount. It was business. It was a profit center. Shoot for a higher GP. Don't give the work away. Cover your ass. Don't forget to add freight fees. Don't forget to ask if it's overtime labor. Is there a loading dock? Do we have to stair carry? Did my designer remember all the parts and specify them correctly? Did the customer really want THAT color? Did the truck carrying all the furniture really flip over on the highway on the way to the job? Oh my GOD - I hated it. It seemed so unimportant and so beyond my control. So tedious. So unnatural - for me. There are those who thrive on that stuff. But not me. My investment was on the human side of the equation. My contact who needed me to help them. It seriously began and ended there. The dollars and cents of it all eluded me.

So now, as a life coach my mission is so straight forward...I want to be of service. Simple. No freight fees, no labor charges, just simple story telling, sharing, allowing and letting go. Those with whom I have been in contact watch me tell this story, wide-eyed, anticipating this information like they are being given a key to a long forgotten safe deposit box. And the truth is they are. The safe deposit box is their life and all that it promises.

We are born in a pure state of well-being, in a state of our joy and with a birth right that is freedom. It is only the lies we are told, the stories we tell ourselves, and the hallucinations of all that we are supposed to have and be that steal away this very basic birth right. It is time that we come into the light and away from those dark trappings into our pure state. It is our right, it is our destiny. Untangle yourself from all that imprisons you.



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