Tanglewood was the name of the property on which I grew up. Given the name by my Father, the land was covered with overgrowth full of thorns, poison ivy and tangles. Overtime, and with the hard work and the help of a hungry goat and lamb, the land was cleared leaving plenty of space for hide-and-seek, football and the riding of bikes.

When we are born we arrive in a perfect state of joy and well-being. As long as our needs are met, we thrive. 

Over time tangles of programming and experience bury that part of us that is meant to shine out to the world. Tanglewood - once a gem among the beautiful Victorian homes in the historic Baltimore neighborhood designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, became hidden, disguised under years of neglect. As humans we turn away from our needs, we become passive in life, allowing days to whir by while feeling lost, off course, numb, or even in pain.

At Tanglewood, I provide space and guidance to ease your pain, anxiety, hopelessness and fear. When you select to engage with me through one to one coaching, a workshop, a webinar, or a mindfulness walk, you will find your way back to a place of peace and well-being - your origin. In that place your true self emerges, the beauty within expands and your life is full of experiences beyond your wildest dreams. 


Tanglewood Life Coaching is founded on the principles of The Law of Attraction. Tanglewood creator and Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach,  Julie Peatt Cassaday, is a witness to how the law works and how effective becoming a deliberate creator can be.  Julie's mission is to share this information with as broad an audience as possible. "Everyone deserves to know and understand this!" Julie allows the work to grow organically, receiving cues through intuition, allowing opportunities to unfold naturally. In this flow, she helps others identify and clear subtle road blocks that keep them from achieving all that they desire, thus allowing them to experience a clear mind and a sense of freedom and empowerment. 


Thank you for visiting Tanglewood. My deepest desire is to be of service by guiding clients to inner peace and joy. My work is steeped in the practice of Mindfulness. By using simple tools, we will unpack past programming and lies that cover up who you really are. You are absolutely enough, and, together we will untangle that which makes you believe you are not.     - Julie Peatt Cassaday

My vision is simple. Peace on Earth. The way I see it, the work we do together leads clients to find their inner peace. As they expand from this place within, a light begins to shine brightly out into the world in every direction. This action creates a ripple and that Peace touches many lives, impacting how each recipient behaves. The vision is that this reach creates the Peace that our world so desperately desires.


Visualize all that you desire and know that it is on it's way to you

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Our success is measured by your level of wellbeing. Get in touch today and find out how we can help set you on the path to inner peace.

Westminster, MD, USA


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