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Level 1 Reiki Certification Class

Level 1 Reiki Certification Class

By Appointment, Time Frame 9 AM - 3 PM


Providing energy healing is such a gift in my life. Helping others to sink into a state of deep relaxation and restoration is so rewarding and always different. 


As a Reiki Master I am now able to train others in Reiki Energy Healing. If you find yourself to be full of empathy and compassion for yourself and others, it could be that part of your purpose while here on Earth is to expand by learning  this traditional healing method. To get started, spend one day with me in a small, initimate class setting to learn the history and basics of Reiki. When you leave you will be certified Reiki Level I and will be able to practice Self Reiki, Animal Reiki, and Reiki on friends and family members.


Class schedule typically runs 9 AM - 3 PM with a break for lunch.


Pre-requisite: I ask that students experience at least one Reiki Healing Session with me prior to taking the certifcation class.


Location is TBD in the Westminster MD area depending on class size . If you are not in the Westminster area but have interest, please contact me to make arrangements.


A follow up to this class is certification for Reiki Level II which allows you to treat others (beyond friends and family). A period of 120 days is required between these two classes, as well as a practice of Self-Reiki for a period of time to prepare for the upgrade to Level II.


Contact Julie to discuss your interest or 443-250-6360

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