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Infused with the light of the Sun and tumbled in the healing salt water of the Caribbean Sea these rocks carry a charge of powerful energy. When you add a word that helps you feel calm, peaceful and centered you suddenly have a very powerful tool with you all the time. Use the contact box below to be in touch with us and learn more about bringing this and other tools to you, your company or any organization looking for methods to reduce stress and feel calm.


Positive Power Rock words and phrases we love.....

(I am including duplications to increase the power and the vibration these words carry over and over and over...)

Understand, Live, Breathe, Peace, Parker (Grandson), Peace, Honesty, Faith, Relax, Peace, Love, Help Or Release, Hope, Love All Serve All, Kind, Happy, Love, Positivity, Peace, Pop Pop, Powerful, Helpful, Freedom, Infinity, Dog, Candy, Shawl, Art, Creativity, Kindness, Music, Queen, Love, Happiness, Free, Never Give Up, Grace, Mercy, God, Future, Beauty, Be, Courage, Wisdom, Peace, Dance, Unique Girl, Heaven, Mom, Dad, Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Joy, Beautiful, Encouragement, Serenity, Pretty, Motivation, Charismatic, Strength, Success, Focus, Faith, Worthy

Oneness, Bounty, Abundance, Ocean, Endure....

What's YOUR word?

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